Clean cache

Browser cache

Browser cache (also known as Temporary Internet files) stores the content of of recently visited webpages including documents, images, and other content on webpages. This speeds up the displaying of pages you frequently visit as a web browser can open them from your hard disk instead of downloading them from the web.

Why you should clean cache

But browser cache can be a privacy issue as everyone who has access to your computer can see some personal information - by simply opening the cache files, anyone can see what videos you have watched, what pictures you have seen, where you have been online, and more.

How to clean cache

One way to maintain your privacy is to delete cache manually. But in Internet Explorer even if you clean cache manually, cache index.dat file stores Internet surfing information. This file keeps a total record of every website you visit. And this file is locked, so you can't delete it by hand.

How to clean cache

Clean cache in Internet Explorer

Clean cache in Internet Explorer 9.0:
Select 'Delete Browsing History' from the Tools menu or press Ctrl+Shift+Delete and select 'Temporary Internet Files', then click the 'Delete' button.

If you want to set Internet Explorer to clear cache automatically, select Internet Options from the Tools menu, and check the 'Delete browsing history on exit' option. Then click the Delete button to check if the Temporary Internet Files option is selected. If it is not selected, you should select it

Clean cache in Internet Explorer 8.0:
Select 'Delete browsing history' from the Tools menu.
Select the Cache item and click the Delete button.

Clean cache in Firefox

Clean cache in Firefox 4.0:
Open the Tools menu
Open the History sub-menu and select 'Clear Recent History'
Choose the necessary period for Time range to clear'.
Open 'Details' and select 'Cache', then click 'Clear Now'

Clean cache in Firefox 3.0:
Open Firefox and select Tools.
Select 'Options' and open the 'Privacy' tab.
Under the Private area click 'Clear Now'.
In the 'Clear Private Data' window select 'Cache' and click 'Clear Private Data Now'.

Clean cache in Opera

Opera 11
Select Delete Private Data from the Tools menu, and click the Detailed option.
Then select Delete entire cache, and click Delete.
To clean cache automatically, check the Empty on exit option in Preferences.

Monday, June 26, 2017

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