Clean Download History

Why you should clean download history

As you download files from the Internet, your browser stores information about all files you downloaded. Download history stored by your browser can seriously compromise your security and privacy, as anyone who has access to your computer can see what files you downloaded

How to clean download history

Clearing download history is an important aspect of your computer privacy, especially if you share your computer with others.

How to clean download history

Download history is the list of files you have downloaded while surfing the web.
This article describes how to clear download history upon request and how to set Internet Explorer and Firefox to clear download history automatically.

Clean download history in Internet Explorer 9.0:

Select 'Delete Browsing History' from the Tools menu or press Ctrl+Shift+Delete and select 'Download history', then click the 'Delete' button.

How to set Internet Explorer to clean download history automatically:
To clear download history automatically, select Internet Options from the Tools menu, and check the 'Delete browsing history on exit' option. Then click the Delete button to check if the Download history option is selected.

How to access the Downloads window
Open the Tools menu and select View downloads, or press the Ctrl+J combination.

Clear download history in Internet Explorer 8.0:

Select 'Delete browsing history' from the Tools menu.
Select Download history and click the Delete button.

Clean download history in Firefox 4.0:

Open the Tools menu
Open the History sub-menu and select 'Clear Recent History'
Choose the time range to clear.
Open 'Details' and select 'Browsing & Download history', then click 'Clear Now'

To delete a particular download, simply find it in the Downloads window, right-click on it, and select Remove From List. Note: this will remove the file from the list. But the downloaded file still exists on your computer.

Clean cache in Firefox 3.0:

Open Firefox and select Tools.
Select 'Options' and open the 'Privacy' tab.
Under the Private area click 'Clear Now'.
In the 'Clear Private Data' window select 'Download history' and click 'Clear Private Data Now'.

Clear download history in Firefox 2.0:

Select "Tools"
Select "Options".
Select "Privacy".
n the Private area click "Clear Now".
In the "Clear Private Data" window put the check mark for "Download history" and click "Clear Private Data Now".
Click OK.

Monday, June 26, 2017

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