Clean recent history in Microsoft Office

Why you should clean MS Office History

For more pleasant computer experience, Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Front Page, Publisher), WordPad and MS Paint keep tracks of recent used files (Most Recently Used list - MRU list). However it may seriously compromise your privacy.
There are two ways to clean MS Office History - manually or using special software.

Clean Most Recently Used Documents

Windows stores a list of documents and files you have recently opened and worked with. Anyone who has access to your computer can see this list and link to any of the items that you've opened. You can clear recent documents (delete recent documents list) manually or using special software. Clear up the "recently opened documents" list located in the Start menu.

Why clean Recent Documents folder
The record of every document that you open on your computer can be easily accessed from the Start menu (click on Start, then Documents). To protect privacy, you should clean Recent Documents folder from time to time.

How to clean Recent Documents folder for Windows XP manually
To clean Recent Documents history (most recently used documents list) for Windows XP manually:

Right-click the Start button and choose "Properties".
Then click "Customize".
Click the "Advanced" tab
To clean 'My Recent Documents folder' click "Clear List" and then click "OK".

Note: This action does not delete documents from the computer.

How to clean Recent Documents on Vista
Recent Items, which is located on the right side of the Start menu, displays a list of the files that you've used recently. You can open a file from this list by clicking it. Recent Items appears on the Start menu by default, but you can remove it, which will stop Windows from compiling a list of your recently opened files. If you want to begin compiling a list of your recently opened documents and files again, you can add Recent Items back to the Start menu.

To clean 'Recent Items' (recent documents and files history) from Start menu
Click 'Start' button.
Right-click 'Recent items'.
Click 'Clear Recent Items List'.

Note: Cleaning Recent Items list does not delete the items from your computer.

Monday, June 26, 2017

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