Clean Swap file

Page file (swap file)

What is the swap file?
Windows uses part of a hard drive space as "virtual memory". A swap file (or pagefile) is a space on the hard disk used as the virtual memory extension of computer RAM. If Windows does not have enough actual memory, it uses swap file.

How to find the swap files
Page file (swap file) is a hidden system file (pagefile.sys). If you want to see it, you should change your file viewing settings to "show hidden and system files". Swap file (pagefile) is usually located on the drive where your system is installed on.

Why you should clear the swap files
While working on PC, you use different programs - so page file (swap file) may contain sensitive or confidential information, some applications may store passwords. To protect your privacy you may want to delete the swap file (page file) so nobody could see your data in the swap file.

Monday, June 26, 2017

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