Clean Windows search history

How to clean Windows search history from the Start Menu

When you use the Search option in the Start Menu, Windows keeps a list of the last files you searched for and the items you searched for in those files. And this search history will be visible to anyone who begins a new search. Windows 'Files & Folders' and 'Computers' search history can be easily seen if you open the Search results window (Start -> Search -> Files & Folders or Start -> Search -> Computers). Even if this information isn't shown in the Search results window, it is kept in a Windows registry and can be easily viewed.

Windows Search

Windows provides an easy way to find and organize files and documents on your computer. By default on Windows 7/Vista for faster searching, all of the most common files on your computer are indexed.
In Windows 7 and Vista 'Searches' are not real history tracks. They are virtual folders that include parameters for searching.
If necessary, you can delete or create any search template you need.
Saved searches are actually text files with a hidden .search-ms extension.
Whenever you open any of these 'folders' (Recent E-mail, Recent Documents, etc.), it just execute a search according to the parameters of that search.
If you don't need these searches, you can delete them by right-clicking on the necessary virtual folders (not on the files in search results) and selecting 'Delete'.
Note: anything you do to the files in search results you do to the original files. So, if you delete any file in search results, it will delete the original file.
To disable indexing, right-click the disk and select Properties, open the General tab and uncheck 'Index this drive for faster searching'.

Monday, June 26, 2017

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